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Week 7: Truth & objectivity – post-modern casualties or victims of PR piracy?

In journalism studies, we’ve been taught how the increasing commercialisation of news output leads to the erosion of journalism standards. In order to maximise profits, media organisations demand increased output from journalists across multiple news media platforms and at the … Continue reading

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Week 6: Online – A “new” journalism, content and the rule of the search engine

The emergence of the Internet has been a boon for news audiences. They can now view text, images, audio recordings and videos across a variety of devices and at their own convenience and time; no longer do news audiences need … Continue reading

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Week 5: Globalisation vs Localisation

In chapter 14 of Journalism Theory in Practice, titled “Journalism in the Global Village”, Dr Rhonda Breit makes the case that “media globalisation is threatening society’s two most important watchdogs – the judiciary and journalism”, and advocates that judiciaries should … Continue reading

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Week 4: Who will pay for journalism?

Plummeting subscription numbers, loss of advertising revenue as advertisers turn to digital advertising platforms and, finally, newspapers and magazines shutting down. Reading about all this doom and gloom, one might be led to believe that journalism is on its deathbed. … Continue reading

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